J is a charting songwriter & musician with a passion for multiple instruments. Often feeling that he has mild Synesthesia he sees sound, and hears visuals and a combination somewhere mysteriously in between.

He has performed since the age of 18 on guitar, keys and vocals. At age 19 his songs were played on Triple J Radio, ABC radio & his band played all over Sydney. He then released an indie pop/rock album in Australia, UK and North America called 'Second Season'.

In 2004 J performed all over Europe / UK both solo & as a session acoustic guitarist, vocalist & musical director for Universal Music.

In 2005 J co-wrote 'Beautiful As You' with Tim Freedman for The Whitlams' album 'Little Cloud' (Warner). Two versions were recorded - a longer piano based version for album, and a shorter, bop-ier, Beatle-esque guitar version as a single. The single version went on to become an ARIA top 10 single (Australian Charts) and peaked at #40 on the international charts in 2007 in Australia. 

Listen to the album version of 'Beautiful As You' performed by The Whitlams below on Spotify:

Beautiful As You - Album Version (J. Cooper/ T. Freedman)

More recently for his sophomore album 'Foreign Cities' he learnt to play and record drums and bass. He wrote, performed, recorded and produced each track on the album. Listen to the 'Foreign Cities' album here. J is planning more musical adventures soon...